With support from InnovationRCA and together with Wendelin Federer and Heinrich Nolte, the project has lead to the formation of 5777 Ltd. 
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Photo by Dmitri Beliakov, 2016
Dreadful Conditions
We are increasingly witnessing the catastrophic impact of armed conflict in urban areas with some 50 million people today bearing the brunt of the consequences. 
Conflict, terrorism and disasters have significant impact on housing stock. Adequate and habitable shelter is both a basic condition for human life and a fundamental human right; In consequence, housing losses are an important driver of the mass migration of displaced persons from affected areas.
Depending on outside temperatures and climate, something as simple as a damaged window (e.g. from the shock-wave resulting from the use of explosive weapons in the vicinity) can leave the housing uninhabitable and push residents over the edge into displacement. For many, becoming displaced is a life-long sentence.
Brutally Simple Design
We developed a cheap, flexible, transparent insulation off the roll, that can act as a quick repair for damaged windows. It is compact to store and ship and easy to install.
The Solution
The Instant Window material consists of two layers of polyethylene sheet which are connected by stronger latches. These latches can be folded flat in order to roll the material for compact storage and delivery and can fold open to trap a layer of air for insulation. Zip-loc mechanisms on either side of the material ensure that those latches are kept at a 90° angle.
To apply the material to a remaining window frame and seal the air pocket, a simple yet strong adhesive tape is used.
To cut the material to size and install it, only a pair of scissors is required. Cutouts in the latches indicate where to cut the material and offer a little taper on the ends, to make the sealing of the air pocket easier.