The Reagiro aims at introducing a new paradigm in the design of manual wheelchairs: An upper-body-actuated steering mechanism allows users to navigate the chair by leaning sideways instead of by braking and pushing. 
While the conventional configuration of manual wheelchairs based on independent rear and castor front wheels offers great flexibility when navigating tight indoor spaces, it has repeatedly been described to render locomotion a challenging, frustrating and inefficient process that requires the constant use of both hands.
The novel and patent-pending steering mechanism actuated by the upper body of the user blends effortless and delightful movement with easier one-handed propulsion and physical health benefits thanks to continual trunk activity and decreased strain on the shoulders.​​​​​​​
The concept received considerable funding from Invacare International GmbH as well as an Innosuisse Innovation Project Grant and has since become an ongoing PhD Research Project with the Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics at ETH Zürich.